The Brisbane Project on the Life and Work of

William Henry Brisbane


The Brisbane Project concerns the life and work of William Henry Brisbane. I post this and related link to make available preliminary data and, especially, in hopes of contact with

• those with  other historical data on Brisbane, his associates, and related abolitionist activities and who would wish to collaborate in this project by contributions of the results of their research

• those writing on Brisbane’s associates or related topics to whom I might contribute material

• publishers who might become interested in publishing the results of my work

In preparation are the following:

  1. a critical, full-length biography. Its working

  2. is William Henry Brisbane, Barnabas to the Abolitionists.

  3. a biography of Brisbane for children. Its working is title

  4. is Willie, the Slave-Holder Who Freed His Slaves

  5. The Journals of William Henry Brisbane

  6. The Sermons and Political Speeches of William Henry

  7. Brisbane

  8. The published writings of William Henry Brisbane

  9. A biographical directory  William Henry Brisbane and

  10. his Friends

  11. An Abolitionist’s Son: A Historiographic Memoir

The photograph to the right is of a re-enactment of the Emancipation Proclamation reading on New Years Day, 1993, at Port Royal, South Carolina. Brisbane had read it on this spot on the day it became effective,

January 1, 1863.